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As the Twi'lek sat cross-legged upon the chiilak rug, fingers intertwined meditatively in her lap, her mind wandered the Force, probing the currents of energy that throbbed with dark purport within the Sith temple on Coruscant. Her mind welcomed the darkness that was at once her strength and her shelter, filling the Twi'lek with renewed vigor and confidence. Her lips curled slightly into a nigh-imperceptible smirk. This eve, the years of agonizing trials at the behest of her master, Darth Ruyn, came to an end. Her training complete, she needed only the approval of the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Krayt, who would then honor her with a place in his grand design, and in so doing bestow upon her purpose, something she was utterly without.

It was Krayt's endorsement of her innate skill and blind devotion to the newly-established Rule of One that she sought so feverishly, so passionately. The Twi'lek had labored without pause to rise above all other initiates; fiercely competitive and hostile toward all of her contemporaries, Ruyn had instructed her to channel her mean-spiritedness and aggression into something far more constructive and pernicious. Years of rigorous instruction in lightsaber combat and manipulation of the force had molded her into one of the most talented Sith apprentices Korriban had seen in decades. Yet she was not prideful, but rather impatient. The Twi'lek wanted only to serve, to be a valuable instrument in the service of the One Sith, to observe the orders of Krayt to whatever end. Today, that chance was at hand. Today, Talon was ready.

Come, my apprentice, the voice of Darth Ruyn entered her thoughts, breaking her concentration. The hour is at hand. You are ready.

Talon's eyes opened slowly. Long shadows danced along the cold stone walls in the wan torchlight of her quarters. She rose, rolling her head, easing the stiffness in her neck and shoulders, then dressed in the minimal attire she'd grown fond of that allowed her to feel the nuances of the Force more unrestrictedly. This consisted of a brassiere made from a blend of leather and shell spider silk woven into a defensive mesh as well as long leather boots and matching armguards. The final adornment was a long, midnight black loincloth fixed in place by a conventional plated sash to which she attached her light saber. Talon herself cared not for the extravagant robes and furnishings of her peers; her primary concern was her connection to the Force. Whether she was aware that her choice of garments amply advertised her inarguably exquisite figure and physique was unknown, even to Ruyn himself.

As the Twi'lek made her way to the grand audience chamber, she looked for comfort in the unequivocal strength of Krayt's One Sith. Witness to a galaxy irreparably wounded by the Clone Wars, the Galactic Civil War, and the ensuing Yuuzhan Vong War, Darth Krayt believed that the galaxy was fractured and weak, and that a single will was ultimately needed to make it whole and strong again, a belief that Talon shared whole-heartedly. With extraordinary resolve and planning beyond that which the imperiled Sith had witnessed in many decades, Krayt managed to reestablish the order under his leadership and pledged to reunify the galaxy. The very temple she now resided in had once belonged to the Jedi Order which, Krayt contended, would become increasingly weakened and compromised by their abhorrent lack of ruthlessness. Once the balance of power had shifted sufficiently, the Sith would strike and exert the full force of their might once more. Thus, the One Sith was born, a new order of Sith under the direction of a supreme dark lord whose wisdom and power was absolute. Rule was not divided, it was supreme.

Her undying faith in Krayt and the One Sith put her unease to rest just as she came to the enormous doors to the audience chamber. There stood her mentor, and to some degree, her only friend, Darth Ruyn, engaged in conversation with another preeminent Sith, Darth Stryfe, whose many invidious honors Talon resented, and the two parted company upon taking note of her arrival. Ruyn squared his brawny frame before his apprentice, crossing his arms across his chest, staring down at her, his yellow eyes fixed.

"It is time," he said coolly.

"I'm ready," Talon replied.

"I have no doubt," the Twi'lek's mentor said. "Yet, even the most venerable of us are not beyond surprise or disillusionment. Talon, you are my prodigal student. The Force is stronger in you than in any student I have ever trained. But show hubris, my apprentice, for the man in the room beyond these doors is more powerful than you or I shall ever become."

"I am his servant, forever and always," Talon countered.

Ruyn nodded. "That remains to be seen. If Lord Krayt is displeased even in the slightest, he will end you here and now."

His hand outstretched, Darth Ruyn focused his energy on the door, which groaned and opened slowly inwards. As soon as the doors parted, Talon felt an orgy of Force energy consume her consciousness. It was intoxicating, but she steadied herself. Following her master's lead, the Sith apprentice entered the audience chamber.

The chamber was of ancient design, the walls and high, vaulted ceilings emblazoned with scores of Jedi runes from the days of the Old Republic and beyond. In a way Talon could not explain, the very room itself titillated her senses, infusing her with confidence and vigor. More exciting still was the assembly of powerful figures before her; Krayt's physically imposing regent and loremaster, Darth Wyyrlock, the Force adept and legend in her own right Darth Maladi, the assassin Darth Nihl, and of course, Krayt himself, were all in attendance. Talon made certain to remain three full steps behind Ruyn as the pair approached the dais where Krayt waited, stopping twenty paces from the Dark Lord and his Hand, Nihl, who was scarcely an arm's length away from his liege. Respectfully, Talon knelt before the Dark Lord as Ruyn bowed humbly and stepped to the side.

"Darth Ruyn," rasped Krayt, his voice low and gravelly. "Is her training complete?"

"Yes Master," Ruyn began. "She is the best I have ever trained, Master." He swept his arm in a broad gesture toward the Twi'lek. "She will serve you well."

Krayt's golden eyes gleamed from behind his gnarled mask. "Is that so, Darth Ruyn? How certain are you of her fealty to the One Sith?"

Ruyn stared at Talon for a minute, his eyes flashing briefly to her lightsaber, before returning his gaze to Krayt. "Absolutely certain."

Wyyrlock and Maladi exchanged knowing glances. Krayt walked beyond Talon, staring down at her.

"Rise, apprentice," he beckoned.

"My Lord," Talon replied, rising to her feet.

"For many years, Darth Ruyn has taught you the ways of the Force, has guided you in your journey to the Dark Side. Apprentice, has Darth Ruyn been a good teacher?"

"He is the only teacher I have known, my Lord," the Twi'lek replied.

"Do you respect him? Do you care about him?"

"Yes Master."

Krayt's eyes flashed. "Kill him."

Talon glanced sidelong at Ruyn, who seemed strangely halcyon. Expecting reprisal from her Master, she deftly snatched her saber from her sash, ignited the beam, and in a single, ferocious sweep of her weapon, decapitated Ruyn with barely a second's hesitation. Darth Nihl smirked as he watched Ruyn's head roll asymmetrically across the floor before coming to a stop. Talon steadied herself, returning her lightsaber to her side.

"Tell me, you know why your master had to die?"

"Because you ordered it, Master," she replied coldly and without emotion.

"Come to me," Krayt ordered, and Talon obeyed. The Dark Lord of the Sith extended his arm, icy blue bolts of electricity surrounding the apprentice. "I am your life. I am your death. You have passed your final test without flinching. I name you Darth Talon, and you will be one of my Hands--my own personal assassin. Henceforth, you will take orders only from me--report only to me."

Expressionless, though in awe of the power swirling about her, Talon nodded slightly. "I am honored, Master."

The following is a literary interpretation of the moment during which Darth Talon is named by her Master, Dark Lord of the One Sith, Darth Krayt, thus becoming one of Krayt's two personal assassins, or Hands, the other being Darth Nihl. Although this is a work of fanfiction, it is, more or less, completely canonical with few exceptions. As I place heavy emphasis on realism and staying true to the original content in all of my fanfiction works, this story contains specific lines of dialogue, specifically several interchanges between Talon and Krayt, that are verifiable via sources found amongst the Star Wars community at large. I felt inspired to write this short story of one of my favorite characters in the SW universe after having witnessed the beautiful gallery of DarthHell, whose work is the preview image for this deviation. Please visit and support DarthHell by visiting his page and viewing his gallery below.

DarthHell -- [link]

A little background information for those who don't spend entirely too much of their time geeking out in the SW universe like I do...

This piece of fanfiction takes place during the Legacy Era, approximately 137 years after the Battle of Yavin (the battle during the Galactic Civil War where Luke Skywalker destroys the Death Star). During this time, Darth Krayt has swept of the pieces of the Old Sith Order and consolidated the Rule of Two (one Sith Lord and his/her apprentice ruling the galaxy) into the Rule of One (a collective order of divided power governed by a supreme tyrant). While the Jedi Order continues to weaken, Krayt bides his time by filling out the ranks of his new order, the One Sith, with powerful warriors of the Dark Side. Talon, who was born a 3rd Generation Sith on Korriban, knows nothing of the outside world except the pain, hardship, and malice inherent in Sith culture. Krayt elects Talon, one of the most promising and talented Sith apprentices, to serve as one of his two elite assassin bodyguards.
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